knives-category.jpgKitchen Goodies carries the three top brand name knives -- Global, Shun and Wusthof.

These world renowned brands carry the full spectrum of knives and knife tools, including bread knives, chopping knives, meat specific knives, knife sharpeners, and knife holders used for a multitude of kitchen tasks. We even carry specialized carry bags designed for cooking school and culinary students who need to carry their kit between home and class.

Wusthof, Global and Shun are also companies who emphasize durability, and they offer some of the best guarantees in the industry.

Kitchen Goodies staff are kitchen knife experts who are here to give you tips on everything from maintaining and protecting your knives to the safest ways to use them.  Visit our Burnaby location today to take advantage of their expertise and to see our extensive selection of kitchen knives.

A Traditional Japanese All-Purpose Kitchen Knife...
$226.00 Read More
A Chef’s Knife with a heavier Duty 22° Cutting ...
$258.00 Read More
A beautiful, Compact Choice for Medium-Sized Tasks...
$266.00 Read More
An Asian-inspired Chef's Knife...
$289.00 Read More
A Multipurpose Knife...
$274.00 Read More
Ergonomic Precision Boning Knife...
$34.99 Read More
Slicing. Dicing. Mincing. Plus everything in betwe...
$69.99 Read More
Ergonomically Designed Carving Knife...
$66.00 Read More
A Reliale, up-to-the-Job Cleaver...
$88.00 Read More
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