cooktools-category.jpgKitchen Goodies carries creative, time saving tools that are proven to work, tools that emphasize practicality, not gimmicky items that look better than they perform.

We kitchen test (and demonstrate) what we sell, and pay careful attention to customer feedback when we order tools for our Burnaby location and for our online store. Browse through our selection of multifunctional tools such as pineapple (and apple) corer-peeler-slicers, as well as our full selection of garlic presses and peeling tools of all kinds. Kitchen Goodies also carries a full assortment of high-heat spatulas for a wide range of culinary uses.

Browse through our cook tools and gadgets to discover what we mean. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and the Kitchen Goodies staff will help you track down what you need.

Work Quickly with Little Pressure...
$24.99 Read More
Keep Your Herbs Fresh Longer!...
$19.99 Read More
Use for Chopping, Preparing, Blending and Pureeing...
$44.99 Read More
Corn Holders Lock Together in Pairs for Safety and...
$9.99 Read More
A Great and Comfortable Pair of Scissors...
$12.99 Read More
30 Angled Blades for even Coverage and Faster Resu...
$27.99 Read More
Easily Cracks and Cuts...
$17.99 Read More
The Healthy Way to Add More Flavor with Less Fat!...
$19.99 Read More
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